Ticket To The World

This is the fourth studio album by Nigerian-German singer–songwriter Ayọ.

The album will be released on 7 October 2013. (Official MOTOWN France Facebook page, Charts in France)

The album was produced by Jay Newland, who was also the producer of her first two albums, with musicians like Larry Campbell, Ira Coleman, Charles Haynes, Youssoupha and Clarence Greenwood (Citizen Cope), George Brenner (composer) and Glenn Patscha and Sherrod Barnes (ensemble).

The first single ''Fire'' from the album was released on 10 June 2013.

The album will be released as digisleeve CD, as vinyl album and as a Fnac special edition collector box containing a 45 T vinyl ''Fire'' single, two photo prints and a digisleeve CD. (Fnac)

Track listing

  1. ''Fire''
  2. ''I’m walking''
  3. ''Teach Love''
  4. ''Justice'' (feat. Citizen Cope)
  5. ''Fallin’''
  6. ''Complain''
  7. ''Who''
  8. ''I wonder''
  9. ''Ticket to the World''
  10. ''Hullabaloo''
  11. ''Sister''
  12. ''Would’nt it be better''
  13. ''I need you''
  14. ''Milky Way''
  15. ''Sunny'' (Bonus track)
  16. ''Fire'' (feat. Youssoupha) (Bonus track)