These Days


  • Text/Music: J.O. Ogunmakin


I know I should be more grateful, grateful for everything I have
And I know I should be less doubtful but unfortunately I am just human
I'm in a big hole surrounded by fear I'm in a deep dark hole, deep enough for me to disappear but where should I go if earth the only place I know, all I know is I don't want this anymore living a life without knowing what it is that I'm searching for

There are days where I would love to be somebody else, days where I am fighting myself
There are days where I wish I could be a child again and sometimes days where I wish they wouldn't last, days where I wish I would be dead

Step back stay away from me can't you respect that I only need my peace
These days I'm too weak to see these days are all about me
I don't want to talk things out ‘cause there are certain things we don’t need to talk about
The silence in between will let you know what I mean
And each time I try to escape I pray to god not to let me fail and to take my doubts away


(source: Joyful album)


Blues song written in Paris. "I speak of the strange feeling you get when you re in the depths of despair. You want to be someone else, to become a baby again, or even die, that s what I say, but it's just symbolic. In reality, I just want to be myself."