2008.09.12 Blogspot (article)

In susanvisakowitz.blogspot.com by Susan Visakowitz
"I believe so much in energy and I love the energy of New York. It's so stimulating. It's good for your mind and your soul."
"I hope I'm going to reach people and touch people here [America], because I believe in people more than in record companies. People will find you and share with you because they want to, not because it's all hyped up by some label. They don't want the hype. You need to create something that's bigger than just a business thing, because in the end, that connection you make is not in the record label's hands, it's in the universe's hands."
"People joke with me and say, 'Haven't you gotten everything out of your system? Haven't you already said everything in your lyrics?' But I tell them I'm still in therapy, I still need sessions — it's not over yet. I still have a lot more to say."


Source: http://susanvisakowitz.blogspot.com/2009/01/ayo.html