Only You


  • Text/Music: J.O. Ogunmakin


Only you can have my soul
Oh you can have it all
Everything you want
My heart, my love
To you, they belong forever

Let me explain
How I feel about you
For it's too easy to say
Honey, I love you
I will try to describe
What I mean
And how it feels like

For that I'll use words
Melodies and signs
You are my heaven on earth
The light of my son
Through you I gave birth
You made me a woman
Every color of my world
That's what you are
Like a lion rules the jungle
You rule my heart

Darlin' you, you turn my nights into days
Cause every second in a minute of each hour
I need to see your face
I need to touch you, smell you, hug you all through the day
Kiss you, hug you, smell you, touch you
Tease you, please you, and sing your name

Bridge (twice)

No matta what we'll be
Wit' you and me
You'll always have my soul, my heart, my love, my everything
Chorus …/

(source: Joyful album)


This song is dedicated to her son Nile and his father (“It’s a love song I wrote recently. It’s dedicated to two men in my life
- My son and his father.”