Neva Been


  • Text/Music: J.O. Ogunmakin


I don't need the sun
Don't need the moon
Now that you're here
God gave me both in you
I don't need to sleep
Only need to look at you
Then I'll be awake
Much more than any rest could do

Through you I got heaven on earth
Boy you're my paradise
The very beat of my heart
Only you can ease my mind
Whenever I feel sad and blue
I'll be happy again
If only I look at you

I've never felt so deep in love
Never been so close to God
I've never felt so much joy
I've never, I've never
I've never known a love like this
Now I know something I won't miss
You, my love, my sunshine
The most important thing in my life

I don't need anybody else but you
'Cause ain't nobody makes me feel the way you do
You're the sweetest thing I've ever known
Now that I'm with you
I'll never be alone

Never, neva, neva felt so deep in
Never, neva, neva felt so deep in
Never, neva, neva felt so deep in
Felt so deep in love.

(source: Joyful album)


"It s for my baby - my son. A brand new emotion for me. Thanks to him, the musician I was before turned into a woman."