Live In Monte Carlo


ayo_pbs_12.jpg Program airs on PBS as part of the December 2007 pledge (check local listings).

Singer Ayo, taped in performance at the world-famous Salle des Etoiles in Monte Carlo, performs songs from her first CD, Joyful.

AYO LIVE IN MONTE CARLO also highlights Ayo’s meeting with Monaco’s Princess Stephanie; the two share stories about their involvement in various children’s causes around the world.

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Photos from the program (PBS pressroom gallery):
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From UED HD Channel 7.2:
AYO is one of those unique artists, who pop up only once every couple of decades; a fully developed, completely original, born on stage, superstar-to-be stepping right out of the box. Her first CD, Joyful -produced in New York with Jay Newland (Norah Jones) - has sold over 750,000 copies in Europe, before being released in the UK (where the album was released 9/3/07). Joyful went double platinum in France -where it is still in the top 10 after more than one year - and platinum or gold in such diverse markets as Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Korea and Australia. Joyful will be released in the U.S. on October 9th. Ayo - Live in Monte Carlo was shot at the world famous - and exceedingly beautiful - 'Salle des Etoiles' (venue of the stars) in Monte Carlo 8/31/07 in front of a live audience. During the special Ayo performs songs of her first album, Joyful, with her 4-man band (organ, drums, guitar and bass). The special includes guest appearances by Laurent Korcia, (Naive Records) one of France's leading young classical violin stars as well as Les Solistes de Monte Carlo, the string section of the Monte Carlo Symphony Orchestra, directed by conductor Jean-Louis Dedieu. In addition, Ayo meets with Monaco's Princess Stephanie and shares stories about their mutual involvement in various children's causes around the world.