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Ayo Performs "Down on my Knees" LIVE!
//Ayo performs her hit single, "Down on my Knees" at Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis, MD. //

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Video Recap: Ayo and Kentavius Jones Perform at Rams Head


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2008.06.17 Annapolis (video) (added 08 Mar 2009 13:29)

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DC Fab! Interviews International Star Ayo
If you don't know, please find out. Ayo is one of the hottest sensations to hit the shores in a long time. With a German mother and a Nigerian father, Ayo's sound is trailblazing.

And of course she's fabulous because her names means joy in Yoruba!! :)

With sold out venues overseas, she's ready to take over the U.S.