2008.12.20 Dakar (photos)

Saturday, 20.12. Dakar, Senegal, Stage Demba Diop

Source: 24 hours to Ayo Dakar last night…

Good time..this Ayo girl is fire her voice is so powerful and gorgeous
Can she sing? There don’t lay the question
Sista can sing sing do-re-mi lalalala
Her trick is …that she’s a gifted story teller!
Talk like “I ain’t afraid to love u.”—what
Talk like “I ain’t afraid to lose u”–what
I mean fiya we were jammin and I caught myself saying “go on sista singg”
lol..anywhoo my fav’ after I ain’t afraid is “What’s love”
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She jammed …danced with the help of Youssou Ndour’s djembe player
Got some people on stage to dance with her
At the end of the concert she played freestyle the drums
Such a free/beautiful/giving/charming/delicate/strong soul
loved it—