2009.03.15 Connexion.fm (article)

Source connexion.fm By: Leria Polidori, Anirak, Lauren Casseville
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Standing in front of Universal Studios, the elaborate doors open to let us in. Intimidated to somewhat by the cold stark atmosphere we were guided into a bright room where a young elegant and smiling woman greets us; Ayo. The intimidation dissipates instantly as we find ourselves in a warm hug being kissed hello. Humour sets in and we take a look at the deco, two rugby shirts randomly hanging in front of us and Amy Winehouse's platinum chilling between Ayo's cup of hot chocolate and her feet.

Ayo, a Truthful Artist About her Music

Source: http://www.connexion.fm/news.php?lang=en&id=7&id_images=11