2007.10.23 Berlin Concert

Berlin, Passionskirche, 23.10.2007


This concert was the start of Ayọs concert tour through Germany and also the first concert within the German Francophonic Festival 2007 (which also includes her concerts in Cologne and Munich).

In the sold-out Passionskirche several hundred mostly young and female music fans enjoyed Ayọs sovereign performance maybe especially because, as she said right at the beginning, she was on a high not from drugs but from not sleeping for 48 hours. Songs from her album Joyful as well as new songs mixed with lots of dancing (including some charming 'classical ballet') and a colorful background of light figures and flashes put a spell on the spectators who she involved in the performance at serveral points. Especially towards the end the standing (or dancing where there was some space) and clapping crowd created an exciting atmosphere and didn't want the singer to end the concert. Non ending applause was in the end rewarded with an encore song.

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