Ayo Joy (documentary)

February 2010: According to Raphael Duroy Slingshots Music (the company of Ayọ's manager Fatou Sow) has taken over the production of the documentary from MK2. The production is expected to finish in late 2010.


MK2 Catalogue: Ayo Joy
MK2 brochure (pdf)
New - MK2 is producing a documentary about the
Afro-German singer-songwriter Ayo that with her first
album "JOYFUL" reached gold. AYO-JOY, by
Raphael Duroy tells the story of Ayo’s life and career
and accompanies her back to her origins for her ever
first concert in her hometown in Nigeria.
France - Documentary - 2009 - French

Supported by the FCM with 30.000 €

Updated release date: early 2010
(Ayo also will star in a documentary, titled “Joy,” due to be released early next year. It documents the search for her roots during the preparations for her first concert in Nigeria, the birth country of her father. Source: WWDFashion)

Ayo Joy

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayo_Joy