Marie Claire Translation

Please note that this translation of the article in the Italian edition of Marie Clare was done automatically with Google tools and therefore is less than perfect to say the least

A style soul-fusion an "joyful".

From 12 on the heels tower above like slippers, to be able to look into the eyes Ayo should get in the knee. Moreover, Down on my knees was the tormentone that last summer was launched in head all classifications, even though the song the problem is not the height, but a man who wants to leave. Ayo in Nigerian - nationality of her father, her mother is Roma - means joy. Of ago Olasunmibo surname, meaning "she who was born elsewhere (in Germany, to be precise), but will return full of prosperity."

Given the success of her debut album, "Joyful", it seems that the prophecy has been fulfilled. "Actually, the reference is a spiritual wealth, wisdom and money short. But in fact I was recently in Nigeria and I took home for the family. For now it is only rented for two years, I want to see how it goes first to build one. In any case no exaggeration, only a nice place to stay together.

In Italy a proverb that says always rains in the wet. Looking at her dish (potatoes, mozzarella, gorgonzola, salmon, quiches) it is clear that you do not know what is a diet. "For charity, in fact, I am trying to gain weight! I eat everything except the meat. I have a real passion for chocolate, less than fondant because they are a very sweet. I am a great fan candy, that there is enough sugar."

Why have you left Paris, the city that has discovered and where she lived for years, to move to New York? "The main reason is that I am working on the new CD, which is recorded here. Certainly in New York for a while I stop. Since I became Mom, I can not live anywhere in the day, I have to look ahead, to make programmes. My son is called Nile, as the river, Nesta, as a tribute to Bob Marley (Robert Nesta Marley) and Aiola: This name was chosen my father, more or less means "who was born in luck", but also "Those who bring good fortune." During this time I want to focus on the family, maybe make a new child (as a minimum, I would like four), is as important as a career. Among other things if I had not become a mother there would be plenty who do not know: for example say no, make decisions faster."

When released the result of "Joyful? "If all goes well in September. To tell the truth I would have already prepared the third album. Not ever thinking of writing a disc, do it continuously, it is my therapy. As in the case of Joyful I began to sing the new songs live before the release of the CD. Ask a disc, but also a song, it's like a birth child, you are requested to get used to him, find a way to go forward together, then find out who has a personality states. In the case of songs is when people began to sing (hum)."

Of sweet we know. Other weaknesses? "The shoes, as all women. And then the bags, my guitars, hats. I love the heels, but they are so high sometimes I want something nice but not dramatic. I desperately sought a pair of boots for the winter either had heels were exaggerated or bad. You may think that no women is high? However shoes I have so many that I do not often remember more, it puts that once and then I forget (lowers the voice and says air guilty). I know that is not good, I should be ashamed … But I also make many gifts, especially to my mother, we have more or less the same size."

She is beautiful, clever and also wise. What is your secret? "In my list of the first thank God, because for me it is especially spirituality. I am Christian, but I could have any other faith because it is basically the same. Life is God. When you create a child that is God, or nature, a tree that grows. Everything that is real, even the bad things, even death. It is part of life, it's like the yin and yang, there are always two sides. It is important to believe, to believe in God means to believe in men, in what is alive, pure. The purity should be the essence of life ".