Please note that this site is still under heavy construction! 22.11.2007

After enjoying the whole summer the songs of Ayọ I wanted to improve her article at Wikipedia where I'm an regular editor. However, researching the internet brought up much more information than would be appropriate for a Wikipedia article. So I decided, as I was anyway looking into wikis (although more of the semantic type), to create a wiki to store all the info in an organized manner. It's still far from finished as other more important stuff (like family and work ;) doesn't leave me with too much time but it progresses, although with a rather slow pace. The main purpose really is to allow people to understand as fully as possible Ayọs songs on her debut album Joyful and this is only possible by knowing some background information about her life and her way to become that wonderful person and artist. .

This is a private, non-commercial playground without any official connection to Ayọ or her management. All info was retrieved from the internet (thanks to Google). Sources and credits are given as much as possible. If there is any problem please contact ayowiki@gmail.com.

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